Enrollment Guide

Duo Enrollment Guide

Duo Security is being used to further secure many UC San Diego Health applications and functions. Duo allows you to use a cell phone - most often a smart phone with the Duo application installed -  to prove that requests to access critical systems or perform certain functions actually come from you.

This guide will walk you through the self sign-up process. Duo self sign-up can come from a link in an email enrollment letter, happen automatically using functions like the Citrix Web Portal (CWP) or you can opt-in and sign up for UC San Diego Health Duo here: https://healthapps.ucsd.edu/duo/

Questions about using Duo and responding to notifications is covered on the page here: UCSD Health Duo Users Guide. Once you have finished the enrollment process you can start using Duo in the UC San Diego Health environment.


Signing Up

TIP : If you have a smart phone get ahead of the sign up process by downloading the Duo app from your app store.

If you haven't signed up for Duo you will be walked through the quick and easy sign-up process. During enrollment you will be asked to: 

  • Provide a phone number
  • Verify that phone number (via text or call)
  • Identify what kind of phone it is
  • Activate the application (if it is a smart phone)
  • Specify the primary way to contact you (optional)
    • TIP: "Send me a Push" is usually the best method for smart phones
Choose a type of device:​Sign2_small.PNG
​Provide a number for it:Sign3_small.PNG
​Verify that it is your phone and the number is correct:Sign4_small.PNG
​Specify if it is a smart phone or not:Sign4.5_small.PNG
For smart phones - activate the app:Sign5_small.PNG
​Select an automatic notification method (optional):Sign6_small.png

If you have questions please check the Duo FAQ or the vendor provided walkthtrough Duo Guide to Enrollment for more information.

Thanks for helping to make UC San Diego Health even more secure!