Self-Service Portal

UC San Diego Health Duo Self-Service Portal

The UCSD Health Duo Self-Service Portal offers users the ability to ability to manage their authentication devices and notification preferences Using the self-service portal users can enroll a new mobile phone, tablet, or landline. They can also rename an existing phone or tablet device, activate Duo Mobile, set a phone or tablet device as the default for Duo Push and phone call, or remove an existing device.


Common Issues that can be addressed through the portal:

  • I had to restore my phone or reinstall Duo and it isn't working
  • I got a new phone with the same number and Duo Push isn't working
  • I got a new phone with a new number and I want to switch Duo to the new one


The Self-Service Portal is here:


Using Self-Service Portal

When you access the portal from outside the UCSD Healthcare you will need to authenticate using your AD credentials. To use it from within the healthcare area simply use a machine you are logged into, but not a Clinical Desktop machine and your username will be automatically recognized.


Once you are in the portal you will see the specifics of your username and the phone or device is currently registered to you. You will need to prove you have the device via a Push, Code or Call options. NOTE: If your device is out of sync with Duo "Call" may be the only option.














Once you have confirmed your device you will be able to access the device options and settings for Duo second factor devices.  

Common tasks you can accomplish from here:


Adding a New Device

Once you are authenticated into the Self Service portal you can add a new device by using the link here:












NOTE: If your new device has the same number as your old device see Resyncing Your Device With the Duo Service(below) to sync your new device to your existing Duo account. 

If your new device has a new number and is replacing your old device you delete the old one once the new is working by following the directions Doing Other Things at the My Settings & Devices Screen (below)


Resyncing Your Device With the Duo Service

There are number of reasons you might be experiencing a service disruption:

  • New phone with the same number
  • Restored phone from back-up
  • Reinstalled the Duo App


Click on the Device Options button for the device you want to re-sync with Duo:












Click on the Reactivate Duo Mobile button.








And specify the device you are activating.











And in the case of cell phones you will reminded to install the Duo app and once you confirm you have it you receive a QR code like this:













Open the Duo app and hit the "+" icon and point the phone camera the screen. 

That's it! Now the Duo App on your device will be synced with the service again.


Doing Other Things at the My Settings & Devices Screen


From this screen you can also:

  • Change your default Notification for a device
    • Highlighted in Orange
  • Rename a Device
    • Highlighted in Yellow
  • Delete a Device
    • Highlighted in Red












For more detailed information the Duo help pages are here for:


Adding a New Device:

My Settings and Devices:

Common Issues: